30-31 October 2019 Scottish Event Campus Glasgow

Frank Mitchell


Frank Mitchell leads a business with responsibility for getting the electricity from power generators to all 3.5 million customers in Central and South Scotland, Merseyside and North Wales. A key focus for SP Energy Networks is supporting the communities it serves beyond that of a traditional utility, which has been recognised in a number of customer and community national awards for the business.

SP Energy Networks employs around 3000 people directly and another 3000 through partners and is currently recruiting around 150 graduates and apprentices every year.

Frank is also Chairman of Skills Development Scotland and Co-Chair of the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board.

Frank has over twenty five years’ experience working in the energy sector, covering all aspects of the value chain, in both the UK and USA. Involvement in M&A activity as well as leading strategic business change.

SP Energy Networks has been a leading business in both technical and commercial innovation that has allowed many communities to now be net-exporters of energy via distributed generation.