30-31 October 2019 Scottish Event Campus Glasgow


Discovering Glasgow 

Glasgow or in Gaelic "Glaschu" which means "Green Glen", is the largest city in Scotland and has a rich history which dates back to the 6th century. From a small village to a medieval city and later on to an important trade centre, Glasgow was constantly evolving and today has grown into a significant centre of education, innovation and sustainability.

Glasgows' economy includes advanced engineering, renewable energy and low carbon innovations and a lot more fields.

Glasgow Towards Sustainability 

Glasgow is closely working with Universities, Academics, Researchers, Engineers and the City Council in order to become one of the most sustainable European Cities by 2020 and a world-leading centre for innovation and sustainability.

In 2017 the city was ranked in the 4th position worldwide as one of the most sustainable cities globally. The City Council and the award-winning for Green Tourism, Convention Bureau have set up an action plan towards creating a 100% sustainable modern city. 

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 Business Bike By nextbike

Another and more sustainable way to discover the city is to use nextbike. Glasgow has over 300km of cycleways and levels of cycling are increasing over the last years, making the city even more sustainable.

nextbike stations can be found in various locations around the city and near major attractions such as Glasgow Science Centre as well as SEC. 

Delegates can enjoy unlimited Free rides on any nextbike in Glasgow each time they visit the SEC, simply by downloading the app and following the instructions.

To find more about the application and the cycling routes visit nextbike.


Discovering Glasgow

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